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Elitist Coffee

Small Craft Artisan Roasters
  A Mother Daughter Business

A Gourmet International Blend

                Roast Weekly
              Purified Water


Truely Great Coffee
         Roast Weekly
         Purfied Water

We realize as LOCAL ROASTERS, exquisite flavorful coffee is a product that can only be achieved by always seeking perfection.

Elitist Cofffee Roast Weekly and process all drinks via an "IN-HOUSE WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM"

to ensure the integrity of our bountiful beans and additional diverse optional drinks.


Our premium coffee beans come from farmers who are not only committed to the health of Earth's ecosystem, but also to the fair treatment of their own workers. Why are these the  farms of our choice? Because we feel that these are the only farms that can produce the high quality of coffee bean that we seek to serve.


The care that goes into growing, shipping, and finally, roasting our complex blends are reflected in the rich flavors of the finished product.


International Harvest Coffee 

Elitist Coffee is here to serve a quality stock of international coffee beans that we are sure each patron will find more and more delicious with each batch.


 House Blend

Ethiopia, Uganda, Nicaragua

     12 oz.    $16.50     

Tasting Notes: Berries, Citrus, Chocolate –

Rich and Sweet with Smooth Body and Lively Finish.


Dark Roast

Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uganda

12 oz.    $17.50

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Molasses, Semi-Sweet Chocolate –

Sweet and Smoky with Rich Body and Smooth Finish.



Brazil, Sumatra, Kenya, Guatemala

  12 oz.    $19.50

Tasting Notes: Dark Cherry, Chocolate, Orange Peel –

Rich and Smooth with Superior Balance and Sweet Finish.

Brazilian Decaf

Sumatra Swiss Water

  12 oz.     $19.50

Tasting Notes:  Rich and with a Sweet, Malted Finish.

Golden Blend

Sumatra, Ethiopia

12 oz.    $21.50

Tasting Notes:  Apricot, Chocolate, Praline -

Our blend of heirloom Ethiopian and smooth, weighty Sumatran beans makes for a delicious, satisfying cup brewed any style, from drip to French-press and even espresso.




~          ~

Kenya Thirirka Ndundu,


12 oz.    $21.50          1 lb.    $29.00

Tasting Notes:  Milk Chocolate • Sweet Lemon • Currant




Sidamo, Zenebe

12 oz.    $20.00          1 lb.    $27.00 

Tasting Notes: Orange• Anise • Cacao Nibs.



Papua New Guinea,

Tsekaka Peaberry

12 oz.    $21.50          1 lb.    $29.50 

Tasting Notes:  Cherry • Sweet Lemon • Caramel


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Our mission is to offer a positive experience for all involved: the best coffee for our customers, the best work environment for our lively staff members, support for neighborhood musicians and artists through the display of locally sourced music and art in our shop, and our ongoing support for local charities.

Just like you, striving to be better is one of our main aspirations -keeping you part of The Elitist Coffee Community is the other.

 Mother Daughter Business 

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